The previous pages of the MACR were selected from the numerous pages available to give an overview of the loss of C-47B, 43-48308. None were chosen to imply anything about anyone but merely as an informative sample of what is available to everyone. None of the search orders, which gave latitude/longitude directives, nor the results of each search, are included. Each search report stated the effort made and the results of the search. Some search aircraft found evidence of a crash. The only search report of interest (wreck sites were investigated with nothing found related to 8308) was a report that a life raft was seen floating in a river. That river flowed into the Bay of Bengal. The reports made it clear that if the aircraft had crashed on land anywhere in the Chittagong region (its likely distance & location), one or more villages would have seen it. Many allied sites were scattered along the Chittagong region and one of the sites would have heard about a crash from villagers. None reported a crash and all were queried. The map below provides a sense of the regions searched. They also flew searches over the Anaman Islands and other islands.