Gambale continued:

(7) SSgt. Wells bailed out and was captured. He was released from the Rangoon Japanese prison camp on 4 May 1945 then was in Calcutta, India, general hospital, which he left about 15 June 1945, and is now in the U.S. at home. (8) Sgt. Harris did not bail out and is believed to have been killed when the plane crashed and blew up. (9) TSgt. Ball did not bail out and was last seen trying to radio our position from the flight deck. Believed killed when the plane crashed and blew up. (10) TSgt Faulkner did not bail out; he was aiding the co-pilot. Believed killed in crash when plane blew up.

A letter by SSgt. McKernan reads: Sgt. Harris did not bail out. Four men bailed out: Capt. Dorst, 2ndLt Gambale, Sgt. Wells and myself. The airplane crashed and exploded and all aboard died in the crash: pilot Lt. Kaufman, navigator Lt. James, co-pilot Lt Pittman, Sgt Harris, tail gunner, Sgt Ball, radio, Sgt Faulkner, engineer, Sgt Schultz, gunner.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported on 24 May 1944 that "19 BORO AND L.I. SOLDIERS AMONG 415 MISSING," Asiatic Area: GAMBALE, Gene - Mrs. Helen Gambale, wife, 836 President Street.