John D. Shine

John D. Shine



On 8 November 1944, a C47A, # 43-15864 assigned to 10th Air Force, 1st Combat Cargo Group, 3rd Combat Cargon Squadron, departed the airfield at Tulihal, India, on an operational mission to Drop Zone YN in [Burma] and was last reported to be near Yazagyo, Burma. According to the Aviation Safety Network database places the crash near Paoshan, China. Its crew were:


                                              Pilot                             Capt. Lewis P. Ingram             0-727219

                                              Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Frank H. Parkins           0-713877

                                              Engineer                      Sgt. John G. Carpenter            31374974

                                              Radio Operator            Sgt. Edward L. McLaughlin     11081620


A ground search by the unit (25th East Afrisian Brigade) to whom supplies were to be dropped found no trace of the C-47A. 

The next-of-kin listed were:


                                              Ingram             Wanda G. Ingram, W, 2521 Gaines St., Little Rock, AR

                                              Perkins            D. B. Perkins, F, 189 Vernon Ave., Louisville, KY

                                              Carpenter         Marjorie S. Carpenter, W, 380 Beacon St., Boston, MA

                                              McLaughlin     Thomas J. McLaughlin, F, 33 Seymour St., Roslindale, MA

INGRAM, LEWIS POWELL, Major, # 0-727219, USAAF


Lewis P. Ingram was born on 14 April 1920 in Arkadelphia, Arkansas to Otis Powell Ingram (1886-1921) and Maud Ann (Measles) Ingram (1889-1974). Two brothers were James William Ingram (1913-1981) and Otis Earl Ingram (1916-1946). He completed three years of college. He was married to Wanda (Gibson) Ingram (1924-2009) on 19 August 1942 in Boone Co., Arkansas.