Last radio contact was at about 1054 India ST near 96º 48’ East & 25º 19’ North (near Warazup, Burma). At 1054 an unidentified aircraft was seen to crash into a low hill about 4 miles west of Warazup, Burma (Station 36), on a course of 290º. Liaison air located the crash but could not identify the aircraft which had burned. The last radio contact with 42-93341 was that they were “dropping on target.” After recovery, his remains were buried in the Gardens of Rest, Escanaba, Delta Co., Michigan.


The air supply droppers, aka, “kickers,” were men from the British Royal Artillery known on the MACR only as Sergeant Pitt, Gunner Banes, and Gunner Downton.

42-933767       C47


On 9 August 1944, a C-47A, # 42-933767, assigned to 10th Air Force, 3rd Combar Cargo Group, 12th Combat Cargo Squadron, departed the airfield at Moran, India, at 0630 hours on a cargo mission to Myitkyina, Burma. It was last heard from near Ledo, India, at about 0730 hours. The crew and passengers were:


                                                 Pilot                             1stLt Robert (NMI) Mall                      0-670950

                                                 Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Billy Holland DeLoach              0-709521

                                                 Engineer                      Cpl Morris S. Berger                            12151145

                                                 Radio Operator            2ndLt John R. Morris                           0-721839

                                                 Passenger                     1stLt John T. Turbeville, Jr.                 0-675732

                                                 Passenger                     1stLt Ralph A. Burson                         0-1551513


The crashed aircraft was reached at 1345 hours, 17 November 1944, by an Air Jungle Rescue Unit ground search party, 10th Air Force. It was located at 140º from Auche, Burma, at 25º 37’ North & 97º 2 ½’ East (map coord. SC7274). Four crew and two passengers aboard at time of crash. The body of 1stLt Ralph Austin Burson, 0-1551813, 90th Fighter Squadron, 80th Fighter Group, was not found and he is categorized MIA. The crewmen and one passenger found were buried at the crash site, from left to right, facing their head markers: Aluminum head markers with names punched through the metal were set. A dog tag was buried with each body (except Cpl Berger) and the other fastened to the marker. Floral sprays were put on each grave and a fence around the graves made with heavy copper wire and iron rods.


The next-of-kin were listed as:


                                  Mall                 Incillo Mall-Roberts, Aunt, 1029 N. Central Park, Chicago, IL

                                  Turbeville        Jewel T. Turbeville, M, 4379 Blodgett, Houston, TX

                                  Burson             Frances Pratt, M, 1422 Park Ave, Baltimore, MD

                                  DeLoach          William G. DeLoach, F, Rte 1, Sudan, TX

                                  Morris              Ida H. Morris, M, 1316 Cleburne, Houston, TX

                                  Berger              Yetta P. Berger, M, 2007 Union St, Brooklyn, NY