MILLER, HORACE JORDAN, Staff Sergeant, # 18096252, USAAF


Horace J. Miller was born 6 January 1915 in Washington (Washington birth records – Vol. 7, Reel 4-1939), to Charles R. Miller (1876-1966) and Dixie Melinda (Jordan) Thomas nee Miller (1889-1949). His sibling was Josef Milton Miller (1912-1944), born in Washington – Vol. 39 – 24 January 1913 – Reel 4-1939). He lived in Cleveland, Pawnee, Oklahoma. He married Margie Marie (Kerns) Barns nee Miller (1920-2003), who in 1942 lived at 611 East Otoa, Cleveland, Oklahoma. The 1930 census notes that his mother, him and his brother were “Cherokee” but, does not indicate whether that was through birth or marriage. When the Oklahoma panhandle was known as the Indian Territories, a white man or woman could gain tribal membership by marriage; census records did not distinguish. The 1920 census only reads “Oklahoma.” The 1910 census provides: John W. Jordan (1844-    ), 1/8th Cherokee (born Oklahoma – father white, mother Cherokee – parents Maine & Tennessee), Tennessee J. Jordan (1863-    ) 1/16th Cherokee (born Arkansas, father Cherokee, mother white) (both received Indian allotment – 1905), Robert O. Jordan (1900-    ) 1/16th Cherokee,  Winnie D. Jordan (1904-    ) 1/16th Cherokee, and Dixie M. “Miller” (1888-    ) 1/16th Cherokee. The 1910 census added that Dixie M. Miller attended Carr-Burdette College, Texas. All children received an Indian Allotment in 1905. However, the minimum percentage requirement for Cherokee tribal membership (marriage or blood) was 1/16th. Th 1900 census of Oklahoma shows John W. Jordan (Dec 1843-    ) (born Indian Territory), Tennessee (Sep 1863-    ) (born Arkansas), Dixie M. Jordan (Feb 1887-    ) (born Indian Territory), John B. Jordan (Mar 1891-    ) (born Indian Territory), Daisy L. Jordan (Mar 1896-    ) (born Oklahoma), and Robert L. Jordan (Mar 1900-    ) (born Oklahoma). Oklahoma became a state in 1907. The Carr-Burdette College, in Sherman, Texas, operated from 1894 to 1929 as a private women’s college. It was allied with the Disciples of Christ and was established by Mattie F. (Myers) Carr, wife of preacher Oliver Anderson Carr, after they returned from a mission to Australia. Mattie Carr ran the school until her death in 1908 and Mr. Carr until his death in 1913.


He registered for the WW II draft on 16 October 1940; gave an address of 109 North Dunlap, Cleveland, Pawnee, Oklahoma; a birth date of 6 January 1915, and a birth place of Shelton, Washington. He stated he worked for Bates & Son Lumber, 406 S. Broadway, Cleveland, OK. He described himself as 5’11 ½”, 160 lbs, white race, with dark complexion, brown hair and blue eyes ( On 24 June 1944, a B-24J, # 42-73324, of the 374th Bomb Squadron, departed Chengkung, China, on a mission to bomb Hankow, China. The aircraft was missing; reason unknown. He is remembered on the Manila American Cemetery, Fort William McKinley, Philippines. He was declared dead, as was the remainder of the crew, on 13 February 1946.

His grandfather, Colonel John W. Jordan, served in the Civil War (the War of Aggression).