On 20 August 944, a B-29, # 42-6408, the “Reddy Teddy,” assigned to 20th Air Force, 468th Bomb Group, 792nd Bomb Squadron, departed the airfield at Pengshan, China, on a bombing mission of Imperial steel works at Yawata, Japan, and upon dropping their bombs, at 1645 hours at 26,000 feet, was hit by enemy anti-aircraft fire and was lost. Most of the crew survived. The crew were:


                                Pilot                             1stLt Ernest A. Pickett                         0-677559         POW/EUS

                                Co-Pilot                       1stLt William R. Rewitz                       0-751195         POW/EUS

                                Navigator                    2ndLt Harrison Robins III                     0-743837         DED

                                Bombardier                  2ndLt Edwin S. Roberts                       0-743834         KIA

                                Engineer                      F/O Mark S. Kennard                           T-192763         POW/EUS

                                Radio                           SSgt Charles Kazarian                          19177287        POW/EUS

                                Radar                           2ndLt Robert M. Humphrey                 0-864212         POW/EUS

                                Senior Guner               SSgt Robert C. Armstrong                   1815405           POW/EUS

                                Right Gunner               SSgt Richard R. Bishop                       31110647         POW/EUS

                                Left Gunner                 SSgt Samuel M. Henry                        14138877         KIA

                                Tail Gunner                 SSgt Samuel A. Nixon                          17127975         KIA


Summary: B-29 42-608 was seen to received direct hits from enemy anti-aircraft fire over the target and went into a dive. Parachutes were seen. The next-of-kin list was:


                                                Pickett             Mrs Rowena F Pickett, W, Foster, OR

                                                Rewitz             Mrs Anna R Rewitz, W, 21 E Reed St, San Jose, CA

                                                Roberts            Mrs Betty Z Roberts, W, 675 S Bonnie Brae, Los Angeles, CA

                                                Humphrey       Mrs Florence M Humphrey, M, 1211 7th St, Wausau, Wisc.

                                                Robins             Mrs Harrison Robins III, W, 15 Englewood Rd, Baltimore, MD

                                                Kennard          Mrs Rue V Kennard, W, Rte 1, Grand View, TX

                                                Kazarian          Mrs Anna H Kazarian, M, 3428 Tallman St, Los Angeles, CA

                                                Bishop             Mrs Geraldine L Bishop, W, 407 Michigan Ave, Big Rapids, Mich.

                                                Armstrong       Mrs Winnie A Armstrong, M, 119 Leopard St, Corpus Christi, TX

                                                Henry              Mrs Imma T Henry, W, 383 Sixth St, Atlanta, GA

                                                Nixon              Mr A. C. Nixon, 659 S. 11th, Saline, KS


2ndLt Roberts suffered traumatic amputation of right leg. Kennard and Roberts were dragged through the streets by civilians and beaten. He died in a Japanese hospital. 1stLt Pickett suffered severe burns and was grossly mistreated by the Japanese. Lt. Rewitz suffered burns. SSgt Bishop heard Japanese interrogators questioning SSgt Kazarian. Subsequently discovered that Lt. Pickett, Lt. Rewitz, Lt. Humphrey, F/O Kennard, SSgt Armstrong and SSgt Kazarian were imprisoned in a POW camp in Japan.