The search report said: a ground party started into the jungle on 23 August ro check on unidentified aircraft wreckage. On 24 August the party reached the wreck. Capt. Varnhagen flew over the site and pin-pointed the wreckage, dropping food to the ground party. On 26 August, a telephone report was made to the Intelligence Office, Rescue Unit, 1333rd Air Base Unit, by Capt. Varnhagen. The wreckage was found South from Marherita, Assam, India, near a village, Fhangyak, on a map. The C-46A was identified and serial numbers on parts corroborated the identity. An altitude of 3,500 feet was necessary to clear the ridge where it crashed. Its course was 180º and it crashed into the ridge about 200 yards below the summit. It was accordion compacted and parts scattered for 50 yards. It broke into 3 sections, the nose and one engine were furtherest south; the center section was the fuselage; and, the tail section was north. Two bodies were found driven from the cockpit into the tail and burned. They were in small unidentifiable fragments. No evidence pointed to the third body. It was not found. A .45 caliber pistol (M-1911A), # 898737, was found. A notebook belonging to one of the pilots was found. After recovery from overseas by Graves Registration, his remains were buried in the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas, on 2 November 1949 (Sec. U, Grave 22).

Curtiss C-46 over the Hump