A letter dated 6 November 1944, from Mr. Barnett Weiner, 3003 Virginia Rd, Los Angeles, CA, addressed to Chaplain Abraham Dubin, 0-485694, 305 V Group, APO 690, C/O PM. New York, New York, says, “Dear Sir: I have been informed by the Adjutant General on Nov. 5th that my son, Corporal Seymour Weiner, has been reported missing in action since October 19th over India. There is no need to tell you how anxious we are to get any information that will give us some hope of his being alive. I understand that you are the Chaplain of that particular sector. I am enclosing my sons full address: Corporal Seymour M. Weiner – 39236326, 315th Troop Carrier Sq., APO 689, C/O Postmaster, New York, New York. Will be very grateful to hear from you. Sincerely yours, Signed: Mrs Jessie Weiner, Mother.


Statement of Capt. Benjamin M. Martin, Adjutant: “8th Ind. HQS, 315TH TROOP CARRIER SQUADRON, 443RD TROOP CARRIER GROUP, APO 487, 16 June 1945. TO: COMMANDING GENERAL, Tenth Air Force, APO 216.  1. This Headquarters did not advise Chaplain Blumenthal to make any statement to Corporal Weiner’s parents.  2. Cpl Weiner was listed as missing in action as of 19 October 1944. On 18 November 1944, Cpl Weiner was shown on the Morning Report of this organization, as “From missing in action to dropped from rolls,” There has been no change of this status to date.


10TH AF 360.33 (10 Mar 45) Missing Crews. 9th Ind. HEADQUARTERS TENTH AIR FORCE, APO 216, 23 Jun 1945; TO: Commanding General, Air Forces, Washington, D.C. (Through Channels) 1. In compliance with 4th indorsement, statement of Chaplain Blumenthal together with copies of letter to him are inclosed. 2. Cpl Weiner’s official status is “Missing in Action.” There has been no change in status since first reported missing. Signed Capt. John  J. Powers, A.G.D., Assistant Adjutant General.


HEADQUARTERS, ARMY AIR FORCES, WASHINGTON, 10 March 1945, SUBJECT: Corporal Seymour M. Weiner, 39236326, 315th Troop Carrier Squadron, 443rd Troop Carrier Group, Missing in Action 19 October 1944;  TO: Commanding General, Tenth Air Force, APO 465, c/o Postmaster, New York, New York;  1. Attention invited to attached letter from Mr. B. Weiner regarding his son, Corporal Seymour M. Weiner, 39236326, 31th Troop Carrier Squadron, 443rd Troop Carrier Group.  2. Request reason for assumption by Chaplain Blumenthal, Hq. Advance Section #3, that “the chances of his (Corporal Weiner’s) being alive at this date, are very slim.” Signed, Major E. A. Bradunas, Chief, Notification Branch, Assistant Chief of Staff, Personnel.

10th AF 360.33, Headquarters, 10th AF; To: Commanding General, Advance Section # 3, SOS, APO 689. 1. Request reply be made to basic communication through this Headquarters inasmuch as subject officer is a member of you command. 2. Attention is invited to the fact hat this case is a direct violation of Circular 25, Section I, Paragraph 7d, Headquarters, USF, I-B Theater, dated 21 December 1944. 3. Request that all personnel under your command be instructed not to correspond with military or any other person about members of this command missing or killed in accidents as a result of aircraft accidents so as to prevent a repetition of this occurrence. Signed, Major General Edward C. Davidson, U.S. Army, Commanding.


HEADQUARTERS, Advance Section 3, SOS, USF in IBT, APO 689, 3 April 1945. TO: The Commanding General, 10th Air Force, APO 216. 1. It is regretted that Chaplain Blumenthal failed to comply with par 7 d, Section I, Circular 25, Headquarters USF in IBT, dated 21 December 1944. Steps are now being taken by this Headquarters to prevent such occurrences.  2. In the future all personnel matters pertaining to your command will be handled through official channels of your Headquarters. Signed, Brigadier General Lewis A. Pick, U.S. Army, Commanding.