41-23747         B24


On 2 July 1943, at about 1315 hours, a B-24D, # 41-23747, assigned to 10th Air Force, the 7th Bombardment Group, 436th Bombardment Squadron, departed Bishnupur, India, on a bombing mission to the Syriam Oil Refinery at Rangoon, Burma. The weather was reported as very rough with poor visibility. The crew was comprised of:


                                        Pilot                             Capt. Vick Winter                     0-413548

                                        Co-Pilot                       2ndLt Melvin S. Avery             0-670487

                                        Navigator                    1stLt Hugh D. Bennett              0-789227

                                        Bombardier                  2ndLt Raymond D. McSween  0-725030

                                        Engineer                      TSgt Peter Seman                      6995436

                                        Radio Operator            TSgt John D. Simon                  19050808

                                        Gunner                        SSgt Ray Kenney                       19010695

                                        Gunner                        SSgt Robert P. Thomas              16002777

                                        Gunner                        SSgt Howard B. Norman           18025280


It was last sighted by 1stLt Robert J. Clarke, 0-431388, 1stLt Robert G. Brittenbach, 0-659652, and 1stLt Henry W. Gilmer, Jr., 0-440853. 1stLt Clarke wrote, “It was last seen in formation with five other bombers entering a cloud bank. After fifteen minutes, the formation broke into the clear and only five aircraft could be accounted for. After another fifteen minutes, a crew hear, “Any B-24D for Help.” The call was answered but received no reply. An enemy fighter, type I45 (Kawasaki Toryu, for “Dragon Slayer,” allied name “Nick”), made an attack on a plane in the formation (not the missing bomber) and this was included to show there were enemy aircraft nearby.” Two search missions were flown. Called off because of poor weather.


Next-of-kin were listed as:


                                          Winter             Mr. A. Vick Winter, father, Gen’l Delivery, Alpine, TX

                                          Bennett            Mrs. Jeanette Bennett, mother, Rte 1, Warrior, Alabama

                                          Avery               Mr. Marion N. Avery, father, P.O. Box 1, Calvin, OK

                                          McSween (sic) Mrs. Grace Y. McSween, mother, Gen’l Delivety, FL

                                          Seman              Mr. Ignatse Seman, 34 Jackson St, Edwardsville, PA

                                          Simon              Mrs. D. Simon, mother, 2224 O St, Bakersfield, CA

                                          Kenney            Mrs. Robert H. Kenney, mother, 3147 Hoxie Ave, San Diego, CA

                                          Thomas           Mrs. Edna C. Thomas, mother, 125 No. Third St, Indiana, PA

                                          Norman           Mrs. Irene Walker Norman, mother, Rte 1, Taylor, TX